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Feb 22

4 Tips for Cutting Energy Costs this Winter in Santa Rosa Beach

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How to Cut Energy Costs

Now that we’re smack dab in the middle of winter, you have likely noticed that your energy bill has increased over the last few months. Though the winter is ending soon, there are ways you can decrease the energy bill before the summer.

Here are 4 tips to cut energy costs this winter in the Santa Rosa Beach area.

1. Turn the Thermostat Down

Heating costs more than air conditioning. This is largely why the energy bill has increased over these winter months. Just by turning the thermostat down a couple of notches, you will save a whole lot of money. That does not mean you have to freeze yourself. Instead, set the thermostat to around 67 degrees when you are home.

Whenever you leave home, you may want to consider turning your thermostat down even a few more notches. Whenever you get inside your house, it will be colder. Just turn it back to a more comfortable temperature once you are inside for the day.

If you are a cold-natured person like me, invest in a good blanket and sweatshirts. These one-time expenses can help you save a lot of money on your energy. I recommend a weighted blanket because it is relaxing and adds more warmth due to the additional weight.

I know this article is about saving energy costs during the winter, but I feel I should recommend doing the opposite during the summer to cut energy costs. Hit the thermostat up a few notches during the hot months to keep your energy bill down then as well.

2. Turn Off the Water

Did you know that most people waste about 3 gallons of water by running the faucet as they brush their teeth and shave? Not only is running the faucet incredibly wasteful, but it’s forcing you to spend extra money. Instead of letting the faucet run, turn it off while you’re brushing and shaving.

To save even more money, fill up a small cup with water before you brush your teeth. Turn off the faucet after you fill up the cup, and do not turn it back on. When it’s time to rinse, use the water that you already have.

More than simply turning off the water whenever you brush or shave, make sure water isn’t leaking anywhere. Pipes and sinks can leak for some while, eventually causing a flood, damage, and mold. Be sure to check for these issues every once in a while.

If you found a leak too late, get flood cleanup to help with the process. You may need to get mold testing Panama City to clean up any mildew or mold that builds up.

3. Don’t Keep Appliances Plugged In

Many people do not think that they are paying for electricity unless the item is in use or turned on. This is not true. Allowing your appliances to stay plugged in when they are not in use can slowly add more and more to your energy bill. Unplug any and all unused appliances, even when they are turned off, to save extra dollars.

Make sure to unplug your laptop charger, cell phone chargers, devices, and kitchen devices when possible. Unplugging your television will save even more energy costs, but it may be too much of a trouble to turn it back on when you get home. Don’t feel bad about leaving this appliance plugged in.

It is ideal to get into the practice of unplugging these items before you leave for work. At first, it may be easy to forget in the mornings, but you will soon turn it into a habit. The same goes for going to sleep. Simply unplug any unused appliances before heading to bed. Incorporating unplugging appliances into your daily routine will become a habit that saves you money.

This tip is great for any time of year. Don’t waste energy and pay extra money by keeping unused appliances plugged in. Whether it is spring, summer, autumn, or winter, unplug appliances and save money on your energy bill.

4. Wash Smarter

Simply by washing items smarter, you can save a lot of money on your energy bill. Whether it is your clothes, dishes, or body, washing your items thoroughly uses a lot of water. For dishwashers and washing machines, fill them up as much as possible without overloading them. In other words, make sure only to wash a full load.

Even though there may be different load settings, most washing appliances use the same amount of water no matter what load option you select. Just by only washing full loads, you might be able to save more than 3000 gallons of water every year.

Bathe smarter too. Many people do not think about how much water they use whenever they shower or take a bath. Obviously, cutting down your bathing time will decrease your energy bill dramatically. Decreasing time isn’t the only way to help, though. Opt for colder showers as well. Just like heating costs more than air conditioning, hot water tends to cost more than cold water.

You don’t have to freeze yourself. Just turn the dial down a few notches to where it is slightly colder. A constant change will make a difference in your bill, and you will eventually adjust to the temperature change.

It is important to mention that you should be careful when bathing or using any washing appliances. Water buildup can happen very easily around these items, costing you money for renovations later. Do not overload your dishwasher or washing machine. It can cause them to break prematurely, forcing you to pay for water damage restoration and mold remediation Panama City down the line.


You have to pay to live, and one of the most important bills to pay is utilities. The winter months can especially make paying utilities a pain in the neck since the cold water racks up the bill. Luckily, you can do something about it. Turn down the thermostat, turn off the water, unplug appliances, and wash smarter to save a few extra bucks.

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