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Aug 27

6 Surprising Stats About Water Damage Restoration

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6 Surprising Stats About Water Damage Restoration

When water gets in your home when it isn’t supposed to be, very few people know how to properly react. Many homeowners never think water damage is something that can happen to them, but that is far from the reality we live in. Water damage is a serious issue that every homeowner should be prepared to deal with.

To show you just how important water damage restoration is and how serious water damage can be, we have found 6 stats and facts that you should know about water damage restoration and water damage. With this new knowledge, you will never hesitate to call water damage restoration fort walton beach ever again.

Why Water Damage restoration is So Essential

As we learn some new facts and information about water damage restoration, we need to understand why water damage restoration is so essential. Water damage can be the result of anything from a leaky toilet all the way to a full-scale flood caused by severe weather.

Whether you need hurricane cleanup panama city florida or want mold testing panama city fl  just to be safe, you can benefit from a wide range of damage restoration services. Water damage restoration is essential when you want to save money and your home when pesky water comes to ruin your day.

6 Water Damage Restorations Stats

1. Most Water Damage Comes From Poor Plumbing

Despite flooding and hurricanes being very devastating to most homes they touch, the water damage that most homes face actually comes from poor plumbing. With plumbing running throughout your entire house and carrying immense amounts of water, a leak in any of these pipes could become extremely devastating.

The reason plumbing issues are so common is because many people don’t take the time to actually get their plumbing looked at to keep it running smoothly. If your pipes have not been serviced or repaired, there is a large possibility that they could have issues in the future as older pipes so not have the same strength as new ones.

2. Mold Can Start Growing 48 Hours After the Initial Damage

Many people think mold is something that forms after weeks or months of water damage, but that is unfortunately not the case. Mold is what happens when you are dealing with water damage that is not properly dealt with as the water residue then turns into mold.

Mold thrives in freshly damaged homes where water can get between small cracks in the wall and in between floor boards. The reason a fast response is so essential to protecting your home from damage is to prevent mold from forming as it has serious and annoying health issues that are caused by its presence.

3. Flash Floods Can Cause Substantial Water Damage

Flooding is an issue that occurs when too much water falls for an area’s water system to handle. In many cases, these floods happen very fast and are very difficult to combat in time. Flash floods are known for flooding entire basements and causing thousands in damage for the unprepared home.

If you have a home that is at the bottom of a hill or has a basement, flash floods need to be taken very seriously. If you don’t take the proper preventative measures, flash floods can ruin entire homes.

4. Not Acting Quickly Can Add Thousands to the Restoration Bill

Many people do not panic as much as they should when dealing with water issues. Most of the reported water damage in America is caused by plumbing or flooding issues that occurred earlier on. The issues with this is that waiting to call for help can just make the problem even worse.

Water damage restoration services take time and money to work well, so getting them out as early as possible is a must. When people take the time to wait for the water to stop flooding or leaking from the pipes, they are only making the problem much worse and adding to the final damage amount.

5. Mops and Towels Don’t get Rid of All the Water

The old way of dealing with a leak or flood water was to simply grab a mop and bucket to deal with the issue. When we are looking at a flooded basement or entire room filled with water, these traditional ways of getting rid of water just won’t cut it.

Most of the damage caused by water is often what you can’t immediately see and get at. When you call a professional, they understand how the water hides and where to look for it. This allows them to get all the moisture out of your home to prevent further damage.

6. 12,000 People Experience Water Damage Every Day

Yes, you read that right. This absolutely staggering number of cases every day seems hard to believe, but it’s true. Everything from pipes bursting to rainwater getting into the home all add to the water damage statistics in America.

This staggering number is a result of many people neglecting to actually care and worry about the conditions of their flood protection and internal pipes. Many of these issues could have been much better for the homeowners if they had acted sooner to prevent the damage and have the right people on hand when they needed restoration services.