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Dec 14

Disasters That Can Strike at Any Time

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No matter the time of year or day, there are some disasters that don’t hold back for anyone. It could be the middle of the night or first thing in the morning when these disasters take place and begin to start devastating your property.

While these disasters are certainly scary and unpredictable, there is much we can all do to prepare for them. With our experience helping with flood cleanup and fire restoration in Santa Rosa Beach, we have seen all the disasters that are out there. Let’s see what to look for.

What Disasters Can I Expect

Before looking at common disasters that are happening across the country, you need to have an idea for what disasters can really occur at any time. While something like a hurricane has at least some warning before it strikes an area, these disasters are not issues until it is seemingly too late.

For example, many disasters we deal with happen in minutes and can leave a home feeling completely ruined. It doesn’t matter what the time is or what the weather is like, many of these disasters will wreak havoc no matter what the situation is.

Common Disasters Around the Country


Fire is so dangerous simply because people never expect it to happen in their homes. With kitchens and candles alike being a recipe for disaster when not expected, an unattended family dinner can turn into a disaster that ruins and entire home in a matter of hours if it is not taken care of.

Fires can even happen when you least expect them like when an appliance breaks from lack of maintenance and lights something flammable on fire. Fire has the ability to spread quickly given the right conditions and dealing with the aftermath can be a quite a bit of work to deal with.


Flooding can be a serious problem for many homes as it is rarely prepared for in most people’s agendas. Whether it is from a broken toilet or from a particularly bad rainstorm, flooding can ruin critical parts of your home if the water is in large amounts or is let sit for some time.

Many floods are caused by a mix of bad weather and poorly prepared homes that make flood damage repair such an important service to have. Once water is in your home and gets comfortable, there is very little you can do to get rid of it alone. However, you need to make sure you can call the right people to make sure that the flood itself is all you have to deal with.

Burst Pipes

This may not seem as large as some other disasters, but a burst pipe in your home can ruin your day really fast. The pipe bursting may not seem like a big deal, but the following water damage, potential flooding, and risk of mold all add up to make a recipe for disaster.

Burst pipes are also a serious disaster as they can burst at any moment and cause chaos. The last thing anyone wants to wake up to is a living room full of water and a future full of cleaning to get rid of the water.

Weather Damage

The last main disaster you can expect is disaster caused by the weather. This may seem a little vague and hard to prepare for, but weather has to be pretty bad to actually have the capacity to cause a disaster.

In particular, hurricane cleanup in Panama City Florida is a very popular service after any bad weather. You can see anything from high winds to water damage all coming down on a home to make sure a nasty disaster comes out at the end.

Preventing Common Disasters

Be Prepared

With so many disasters waiting to happen, your best defense is to be prepared for whatever may come. Many disasters that plague homes every day can be prevented in some capacity if you know what to expect. For example, knowing what can cause fires in a house can help you prevent them from happening.

Even reading this post is giving you critical insights as to what to look for in your home to prevent disasters from happening within. You can have the necessary equipment in your home to fight fires or stop water damage, but not knowing what to expect when disaster strikes will leave you feeling helpless.

Know Your Home

Since most disasters that happen at the home come from within, knowing your home and what makes it tick is going to help you make sure you know what to do when something goes wrong. This can look like anything from knowing where your water shutoff valve is to knowing when you most recently had your window seals looked at.

It is so important to know your home because you can then make the necessary upgrades or adjustments where needed to make sure that it is safe to live in. Homeowners who know their homes are not safe from random disasters that can happen to anyone, but they certainly know how to handle and respond to them more effectively.

Have the Right Help

The reality of any disaster is that you can’t really recover from it alone. Even if you think your mop and bucket are enough to clean up after a flood or pipe leak, chances are you will need professional help to prevent mold from growing and further damage from occurring.

The experts at MasterPro have years of experience helping homeowners with their disasters on every scale to make home feel like home again. We may not be able to control everything that happens to out home, but the right helping hands can make recovering so much easier.

Looking to prevent disasters from damaging your home?

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