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Nov 12

Getting your Home Safe to Prevent Damage During the Summer in Florida

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The summer months may seem to never go away in Florida, but they bring unique excitement and weather to the state. While it is easy to rush to the beaches and enjoy the sun, you need to make sure your home is ready for the conditions that come with that warmer weather.

Just like you need to winter-proof your home for the cold, getting your home ready for summer should also be a top priority. A few small things here and there is all you really need to do, but they will keep you and your home safe when the temperature rises and the storms come.

Why you Need to Prepare your Home for Summer

Before looking into what areas are important to check before summer, we want to explain why it is important to prepare in the first place. Issues like water damage in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida are something we all expect to come during the summer, but smaller issues can be just as devastating if not addressed.

The summer months bring heat, rain, and unique conditions that can make your home feel stressed. It may be something as small as one bad rainstorm that you didn’t prepare for that causes as much need for water damage restoration as a serious flood would.

Things to Check Before Summer Comes

Faucets and Hoses

In nearly every yard and home, the sight of a hose is bound to be found lying around the lawn at some point during the summer. Whether for watering the flowers or keeping the kids entertained, the usage of water and faucets goes up much higher when it is summer time.

You will want to look at any sprinklers you have in your lawn to make sure their plumbing is ready for the increase in usage over the summer. Additionally, you also want to look for any potential leaks in your faucets outside as they could indicate a broken pipe that can cause you plenty of headaches in the future.

Air Conditioning Filters

Whether you put air conditioning units into your windows or just have to flip a switch to get cool air, you need to monitor these systems before use. Since they pull air into your home and everything that is in it, most home A/C systems are often full of dust and unhealthy particles.

Other than the negative health benefits of breathing in dirty air, this increase both a risk of fire and mold within your home. Lots of built up dust is an extreme fire hazard when near electrical units and the dirty air now in your home create the perfect nesting ground for mold. Cleaning your filter will prevent many potential issues and prevents you needing to call out a mold remediation in Santa Rosa Beach crew.

Water Plumbing

As we mentioned earlier, the summer months often lead to an increase in water usage across the board in many homes. From getting more water to drink for hydration all the way to using water for pools, the overall amount of strain on your water system increases as the heat goes up.

You will want to look at all your water piping inside and outside your home to make sure no pipes are having issues. Especially if you have a pool, making sure that water system is in working order will save costly repairs and needing to get your pool refilled when you fail to notice a leak in the system.

Clear Out Your Gutters

Something many people forget about when summer comes around is their dirty gutters. As fall causes leaves to drop into our gutters, many people fail to realize there is an issue until it is too late. A gutter full of leaves is only an issue when you don’t clean it in time for a storm and have to deal with the consequences.

Gutters that are backed up or broken in some way are going to not only need replacing, but they can hold water that will eventually leak into your home unless the gutter is able to flow freely.

Prepare for Hurricanes

In Florida, it seems like hurricanes are the only thing as likely to happen as taxes. Hurricanes come out of nowhere in many summer months and can cause unimaginable damage when you are not properly prepared to deal with what they bring.

It is not possible to avoid hurricanes, but you can prepare for their arrival before the hurricane season comes around. For example, making sure the seals around your windows and home are tight and water is able to avoid your home will save you from needing extensive water damage in Pensacola assistance when the flooding starts to happen.

Have the Right Help on Hand

Last but not least, having the right team ready to help you when disaster strikes will eb your best way to deal with summer trouble. Even if you follow all these steps and prepare for potential summer issues, disaster can really strike at any time without warning.

With your home needing help as soon as an issue comes up, you need to have the right disaster restoration team on hand at a movements notice. Get to know your local restoration team before summer comes, and they will be able to come and help you when you need them most.

Key Takeaways

From getting your sprinklers ready to cleaning out filters, there are some really small things you can do before summer comes to keep your home safe. You want to enjoy your time with the nice weather and a burst pipe or water damage is sure to put a dent in your fun time. Use these simple tips to make sure your next summer is one of relaxation and safety.

Looking to Prevent Future Damage During the Summer Months?

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