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Oct 9

How Fire Causes Much More Damage Than Meets the Eye

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Fire is one of those things that nobody ever wants to deal with in their home and for good reason. The damage that even a small flame can create is incredible as fire is able to grow faster than you are able to contain it. However, many people often don’t realize that the initial fire damage is only a small fraction of the issue caused by most fires.

Fires cause large amounts of destruction themselves, but the process for containing and putting one out also has potential for widespread issues. As we will see later, water used to put out a fire and the damage caused by even the smoke can be enough to devastate a home. Let’s first take a look at how fire itself can cause so much damage.

The Danger of Fire Itself

When companies need to help with fire restoration in Santa Rosa Beach, they often notice that fire itself can cause all sorts of damage. The flames are able to engulf anything that is flammable and leave many homes in ruins after something as small as a candle gets tipped over the wrong way.

Fire alone can be enough to cause a house to lose its structural integrity and fall to pieces in less than an hour. With the danger of fire always so present, you need to be sure you are being safe at home and not doing anything that would cause a fire in the first place. If the fire itself wasn’t bad enough, here are some of the compounded damages that can occur after the initial fire strikes.

Compounding Damage Caused By Fire

Weakened Structural Support

When fire takes over a home in flames, it often gets far beneath the surface level of what you can see from a first glance. Where many people often don’t realize fire can have serious effects is when it causes damage to some critical structural elements of the property.

With so many houses constructed of wood and flammable materials, it is easy for the fire to get to areas that are made with these materials and cause damage. In many cases, houses have to be torn down completely after fires because their key structural elements are damaged beyond repair.

Smoke Damage

Smoke damage is something that many people didn’t realize existed, but it can be a real pain to deal with. Just as issues like hurricane cleanup in Panama City, Florida restoration teams have to deal with water in strange places, fire restoration work often involves making sure smoke damage is not too extreme.

Smoke can be thought of as the mold equivalent of a flood when a fire occurs. Smoke can get stuck in your home for many weeks and months as it binds with flooring and walls. Smoke damage weakens many structures and is also not great for general breathing.

Sprinkler Damage

Commercial buildings that are fitted with sprinklers often have to deal with getting through the fire damage and then the sprinkler damage that follows. While sprinklers are great in the moment when they are needed to put out a fire, they also can cause some annoying water damage.

Sprinklers vary greatly in size and duration with some releasing over 20 gallons of water a minute. The water caused by a sprinkler is comparable to a small pipe bursting and making the affected area more difficult to get cleaned up.

Hose Damage

If you thought the idea of cleaning up after a sprinkler was bad, you are going to hate dealing with fire hose damage. In most cases, fire hoses are used when an entire home is on fire and the only priority is getting the fire out. To do this, the hoses need to use around 100 gallons of water a minute to put out the fire.

The water damage caused by fire hoses are similar to what a flood cleanup crew will have to deal with after a heavy storm. The damage caused by hose water can also be annoying to deal with because the water is not often clean or safe to work in. As the last pinch of salt on the wound, the hoses are very powerful themselves and the pressure from the water can be enough to heavily damage the outside of a house.

Mold Potential

The last thing on anyone’s mind after a fire is the long term effects the water damage may have. Unfortunately, even putting out a small fire and neglecting to deal with the water properly is a big mistake. The often dirty water used to put out fire is just what mold loves to make its new home after a fire.

Mold remediation in Panama City, FL teams are always seeing mold form after floods or water damage, so seeing mold breed after a fire is not all that uncommon. This is why cleaning up the damage caused by the fire and the water used to extinguish the fire are equally as important to the long term safety of a property.

Mental Distress

While we can sit here and list the ways your home can be damaged after a fire, there is something to be said for the mental toll a fire causes. Many people think that money and the damage is all that people care about, but the stress and anxiety caused by having a fire at home or at work can really take a toll on people.

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