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Feb 22

Is It Possible To Have Fire And Water Damage At The Same Time?

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What You Should Know About How Fire Damage and Water Damage Can Affect You

When people talk about restoration damage, they normally only talk about fire damage or water damage. People rarely talk about both at once since water and fire are at odds with one another. That is why firefighters use water to put out house fires.

Given that these two elements are the opposite of one another, is it possible to have both? As odd as it may sound, yes. It is completely possible to have both fire and water damage, especially after a fire has spread through your home or building.

Whether you are perplexed about both conditions in your home or just reading for fun, let’s look at what causes both water and fire damage, as well as how to fix them both. Let’s get started.

Fire Damage

Fire damage is pretty self-explanatory. It is any damage that has come about from a fire. Some of the most common house fires are started by electrical outlets, cooking, smoking, and candles. Of these causes, cooking accidents are the most common cause of house fires.

Whenever a part of your house catches on fire, you will need to treat it immediately. If the house fire gets out of hand, you will likely call 911 to have firefighters fight it for you. Whenever this happens, they will douse your home with hoses to put it out.

Common Damage Caused By Fires

Fire damage is often very serious, especially if the firefighters used excessive hoses to put it out. In a best-case scenario, the fire only ruined your dinner or one or two small items that can be replaced. If you are not home or able to contain the fire, it could spread throughout the home.

As fire spreads, more damage is obviously done. One of the more serious effects of a fire is structural damage. Structural damage means that your home does not have a safe or proper foundation anymore. You will need to fix the home before you can move back in.

Treating Fire Damage

If you’ve had a fire in your home, it is always best to contact a fire damage professional. They will be able to accurately look at the home to make sure it is safe and livable. If not, they will fix your home up for you so you can live in it again.

When looking for fire restoration Santa Rosa Beach, make sure you hire a professional with severe home fire experience. You do not want to put your Santa Rosa Beach restoration into the hands of someone who is inexperienced or doesn’t take it seriously. It is your home, after all.

Water Damage

Just like with fire damage, water damage is self-explanatory. Whenever excessive water sits in your home, it is likely to damage the floor, walls, appliances, etc. A little spill isn’t going to cause damage, but excess standing water can become a severe issue.

Common Damages Caused by Water

Water damage takes longer to set in than fire damage. Things like your floor, walls, personal items, and anything else affected by water can be damaged whenever excessive moisture sits. Once again, water damage only comes about if the water sits for a long time.

Treating Water Damage

To treat water damage, you will need to fix the source. For example, water damage can be caused by a leaking pipe or hoses from the fire. Excessive water from hoses won’t need to be fixed, but a leaking pipe will need to be so that the water doesn’t come back.

After that, eliminate any excessive standing water. If there is no serious damage, you’ll need to do some mold cleaning to keep your home safe. For a worst-case scenario, you might need to replace parts of your home.

Fire Damage AND Water Damage in the Santa Rosa Beach Area?

Do you remember how we mentioned that firefighters use hoses to put out house fires? We didn’t say that fact simply for the fun of it. We realize that you probably know this. We mentioned it because it is likely the reason why you find fire and water damage in the same place.

The water hoses firefighters will use release 80 to 125 gallons of water per minute. That is a whole lot of water. Though it put out the fire, it can seep into different nooks and crannies, causing water damage down the line. So, it should not come as a surprise if you find water damage after a fire.

Treating Fire and Water Damage

If you experience a fire, you need to deal with that first. Fire damage can potentially cause more immediate danger. Talk to the firefighters about whether or not you can enter the building. Once you get the all-clear, hire a restoration team to inspect the home, as we described above.

While they’re at it, make sure that they are checking for signs of water damage too. Water damage is going to be difficult to spot at this point in the process. If everything is burnt up, it can be hard to see water damage.

Hopefully, the restoration team will spot the water during their initial investigation. After they clear up any fire damage, they will do the same for the water damage in Santa Rosa Beach Florida.

Once again, it can be hard to spot water damage after a fire. If the restoration team did not notice any upon their first inspection, still keep your eye out. You might not notice any damage until later on. As soon as you notice it, treat the issue immediately. You will most likely need to hire mold remediation in Santa Rosa Beach too.


Even though fire and water seem to be at odds with one another, you can find them both after a fire. That’s because water is used to put out fires. Make sure to keep an eye out for both issues after putting out the fire to keep your home safe from structural damage, water damage, and mold.

If you have experienced a house fire recently, call 850-660-1473 for a free in-home inspection.