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Mar 15

Mold Testing, Removal and Remediation in Florida

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What You Should Know About Mold Testing, Removal and Remediation

After a flooding accident it is important to test for mold. Florida is a very humid and warm state most of the year, making it the perfect climate for mold to grow. Master Pro offers quality mold testing in Panama City, as well as many other surrounding areas.

If you suspect mold is in your home, don’t wait. You will want to have our professionals come and perform a test right away. Doing so will let us know if we should start the mold removal process and what kind of mold we are dealing with.

Be sure to keep reading. It is important that everyone knows how to have their home tested for mold, especially in Florida.

What is Mold Testing?

When testing for mold, we will take a sample from your home. The sample could either be of the air or could be a swab from a surface. The most common testing method involves a spore trap, but there are some additional tests we may perform.

Air Samples

We may take air samples in a variety of ways. Usually, this will include a spore trap. They work because mold spores can be released into the air and are then caught in a sticky material. When the trap is sent to be analyzed in a lab, professionals check for the type and amount of spores. This process lets us accurately know what types of mold we are dealing with.

Air samples can also be used to grow mold spores in a lab. It is less common, but is another accurate form of mold testing.

Surface Samples

We may also take surface samples from within your home. There are three different ways that we might do this.

The most common is a swab sample, which is when we rub a swab along the mold. Then, it is sent to a lab where it is analyzed.

The other two methods include bulk samples and tape samples. A bulk sample is when a piece of the affected area is directly sent in for testing. Tape samples are when a tester uses a piece of clear tape to remove part of the mold, which is then sent in for analysis.

Overall, there are many accurate and reliable ways to test for mold. If you suspect mold is growing in your home, we can be there right away to professionally check for you. Additionally, we recommend that you have your home tested again if you have had mold problems in the past. It is quite stubborn and can come back over time if not treated properly.

Mold Mitigation

It is important you know how to prevent mold or control it until we arrive to remove it. Mold can be hazardous, especially black mold. It is important to note that mold needs moisture to survive. If you notice it, then there must be excessive moisture in your home as well.

You will need to know where that moisture is coming from. Once you do, you will be able to dry that area more often. Then, you will want to document the mold problem. The best way to do so is to take pictures. Images can help us determine the extent of the contamination before we arrive.

Mold mitigation includes:

  • Removing the water problem
  • Isolating the contaminated area
  • Removing belongings from the area
  • Placing items in plastic bags
  • Cleaning and drying

We will assist you with every step of mold mitigation in Panama City, FL. Our mold experts know exactly where to look for mold in the home and can walk you through the entire process.

Mold Removal

If you have tried to mitigate the mold without success, the next step will be mold removal. We recommend you allow our experts to handle this. Mold requires a lot of commercial-grade equipment, chemicals, and training to remove. It is not something you will want to handle alone.

If you have received water damage in Pensacola or nearby, we will be able to assist you with everything you need. After water damage from flooding, we will likely continue to offer assistance in case mold appears.

Our mold professionals are licensed and properly trained, making them very qualified to remove mold. These are some of the steps we will take to remove mold. Depending on your situation, they may differ somewhat.

  1. Contact Master Pro. We can provide you with information and will arrive to help as soon as we can. We will ask questions to determine what equipment we need to bring with us.
  2. Our team will inspect your home and assess the damage caused by mold. We will search for hidden mold as well.
  3. Once we find it, we will contain the mold. There are different procedures that ensure mold will not spread.
  4. Next, we will use air filtration equipment to prevent mold spores from spreading.
  5. The mold removal process will depend on the type of mold as well as how much is present in the home. We may use antimicrobial or antifungal treatments to stop the mold from growing. We may also need to remove contaminated materials, such as carpeting or drywall.
  6. We will then clean your belongings that are impacted by the mold.
  7. Finally, we will begin work on restoration. The process may include repairs to drywall, carpet, or other areas.

Until our team arrives, we recommend that you stay out of the infected areas. Mold releases spores which can be harmful to breath in. It is best you do not disturb the mold because of this.


If you have suffered water damage in Santa Rosa Beach, be sure to reach out to us right away. Our professionals will help you deal with mold and other issues. We respond day or night.

Call or visit our contact page as soon as you can.