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Dec 14

Preventing Water Damage Before it Even Happens

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It can strike at any moment and cause immense devastation to any property it affects. We’re not talking about a natural disaster or serious storm, we’re talking about the hidden dangers from water damage that many homeowners never consider to be a serious threat.

Not only is water damage a serious issue to have to deal with, the worst part is it is often preventable. In hopes to save you from suffering water damage in Pensacola, we want to highlight how you can prevent water damage from affecting your home before it even becomes an issue.

Lets start by seeing if it is even possible to prevent something like water damage.

Can you Really Be Proactive With Water Damage?

Many people seem to think that water damage just kind of happens, but that is very rarely the case. Water damage comes from an underlying issue that is able to come to life because it has been neglected and not noticed until it is too late.

What starts out as a leaky pipe turns into a full burst that eventually leads to you needing flood damage repair after the water levels get extreme. With so many issues coming from what seems like a minor issue, addressing that initial issue could prevent a whole lot of headaches.

Preventative Measures to Protect Yourself From Water Damage

Understand Your Home

To prevent water damage from happening within your home or any given space, it would make sense that you need to know as much about your home as possible. This means knowing where your pipes run in the home and when the last time they were looked at by a professional was.

In order to make sure water damage is not an issue, you need to go out of your way to eliminate any chance it has from becoming in issue. Homeowners who suffer the most from water damage are those who haven’t even realized it was happening. If you don’t understand your home, you could be suffering from water damage right now without even knowing it.

Check in Hidden Areas

Every home is a little different and that means that every home has certain areas that love to hide problems. In some homes, that could be bathrooms that never get much use and for others it could be right under your nose as your kitchen sink has been leaking for the past few months.

Put on your detective hat and look around your property to see if anything has slipped by your attention. If you notice anything unusual, calling for mold testing in Panama City can make sure you aren’t hiding any unwanted mold in your home.

Know What Causes Water Damage

This may seem like an obvious step but knowing what causes water damage to happen is going to be a great way to prevent it. For example, knowing that bad weather can bring floods to your home means you should probably get that door fixed that you know has been leaking after every past rainstorm.

Water damage can come from within the home just as easily as it can come from the outside, so make sure you don’t let your guard down on any fronts.

Inspect Your Lower Levels

Since we spend a lot of our time in bedrooms and away from our ground floors, it can be easy to not even notice any problems with them. Being connected to the earth and having little protection, your ground floor is the most susceptible to flooring when there is an excess of water outside.

A simple walk outside the perimeter of your home will reveal to you that you could use some new seals or have someone look at your waterproofing. Making sure your weak points are protected is vital to preventing any kind of home damage that you could plan on facing.

Keep things off the Ground

When water damage happens in a home, the water naturally likes to flow downward. This means that even if a pipe upstairs bursts, the lower level of the home will feel the damage. Since water is likely to come from the ground floor anyway, you need to be careful of what could be damaged.

Flooding or damage to your floor means that anything on the floor is likely to be caught in the crossfire of the water damage. Technology, clothing, and any other number of things are all at risk of water damage that can be prevented by simply raising them off the ground.

Have a Plan

Assuming you do everything else right, there is still a small chance that a random disaster could cause water damage to affect your home. If this were to happen, you would be in much better shape if you had a plan for how to react to the water.

From flooding to a simple leaky faucet, knowing what needs to be done to minimize damage can come in real handy when the water starts flowing. You may want to know how to get out of the home in an emergency and locate the water shutoff valve s you can prevent any further damage from occurring.

Know Who Can Help

The last way you can prevent water damage from becoming an issue is to know who to call. Water damage is an issue initially, but it only gets worse as you let it sit and become and even bigger problem to deal with.

Reaching out when you need help dealing with water damage restoration in Pensacola can prevent a leaky pipe from turning into a mold issue that you will be forced to deal with later on. Taking action early and knowing who can help you from the beginning is what prevents water damage from turning into home disaster.

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