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Oct 21

Preventing Water Damage in a Commercial Building

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Water damage is something that homeowners have to deal with all across the country every day. What most people fail to realize is that commercial spaces and buildings are just as likely to deal with the same or worse damage than can occur at a home.

Preventing water damage in a commercial building needs to be a high priority to save money and ensure that staff can feel safe. With the amount of water damage restoration that occurs on a daily basis, let’s see how commercial spaces can prevent those issues in the workplace.

The Dangers of Water Damage in a Commercial Space

To really understand why prevention is so important in a commercial setting, we first need to understand the danger of water damage when it happens in a commercial space. When water gets into a commercial space, there is a large threat that infrastructure gets damaged when exposed to water.

Commercial spaces are also much larger than your average home and in turn have much larger pipe systems and areas for water to cause problems. The following tips allow commercial building owners and workers to feel confident in their workplace and prevent water damage from impacting their commercial space.

Tips to Preventing Water Damage in a Commercial building

Get Regular Inspections

With most commercial spaces, the people who own and work in the building rarely have time to look around and try to detect problems with any water systems. This means that there are many potential problems that are waiting to happen that commercial space companies are not even aware of.

This is why it is so important to bring in a professional team to inspect the internal and external water systems of the space. These inspections can be a great way to look for potential trouble spots in a commercial site and can even help catch unexpected issues. Water damage is one problem but getting mold testing in Panama City, FL services can be another great way to see if water is leaking somewhere.

Be Aware of Common Problem Areas

In a commercial space, there are always areas that are more likely to cause water damage than others. For example, public restrooms located within commercial spaces are often the most likely to flood areas in any building used as a commercial space.

Bathrooms in commercial spaces often experience higher traffic than any home bathroom and are much more likely to flood than a toilet at home. The last thing you want to deal with is a toilet that you only realize is broken when an entire floor is flooded and needs to be cleaned up.

Investigate the Surrounding Area Conditions

A large amount of commercial space residents often think that the only issues that can cause water damage stem from within their property. Unfortunately, there are often many external sources that can lead to flooding or water damage if they are tampered with near the commercial site.

Public water lines and various pipes can be found near commercial spaces where they can burst and flood into the commercial building. It is wise to keep an eye on the exterior of the space often enough to notice any discernible change. A wide array of water damage Santa Rosa Beach, FL occurs because people are unaware of the surroundings of their property that could potentially cause water damage if something were to go wrong.

Keep Employees in the Know

Educating employees about the commercial building they work in is a great way for them to know what to look for and avoid when working. Many issues that cause water damage or even flooding are caused by someone making a mistake and creating and issues. Unfortunately, many employees often didn’t even know what they did was a problem.

Keeping your employees in the know as to what issues can lead to commercial water damage is a great way to encourage the behavior you want to see from them. It takes direct education and instruction on how to properly maintain a commercial site to protect it from someone making a small mistake with severe consequences. If you want to go beyond the standard instruction, show employees what issues to look out for so they can help you identify potential problems going forward.

Utilize Detection Systems

When you can’t be everywhere at once and see every drop of water in the commercial facility, there are special tools you can utilize to prevent water damage from occurring. While these safeguards won’t be able to stop some initial water damage from occurring, they will be able to alert you to an issue that may have otherwise been invisible until it was too late.

These detection systems are designed like smoke detectors as they inform you if any abnormal moisture is detected. These systems can sometimes be expensive to set up if you have a large commercial space, but they are an essential investment. Nobody hesitates to get fire alarms, but people don’t really realize the amount of damage that water or flooding can cause.

Have the Right People Ready

When it comes down to reality, there is very little you can do when a pipe is burst and water is flooding the building. These tips are great to prevent anything bad from happening, but sometimes it is too late to prevent the inevitable.

This is why it is important to have the right water damage restoration team ready to help you out at a moment’s notice. Teams like those at MasterPro have experience dealing with water damage from many sources and will help you get back on your feet/ They can help get a commercial space back on its feet and ready for business in no time at all.

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