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Nov 24

Reacting to and Dealing With Mold in Florida

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Everything seems fine around the house until you realize that the small drops coming from your pipes are bringing unwanted consequences. In particular, mold is an issue that both home and commercial owners alike are forced to deal with when water starts to drip or flood.

A common mistake many people make when dealing with mold is not taking the threat seriously. The way you react to mold and deal with it will determine your future property value and safety many years down the line. Let’s start by first understanding why it is so important to act fast when you find mold.

Why you Must Act Quickly with Mold

Whether you were looking for it or not, mold can catch you off guard in areas of your home you would have never expected to find it. Whether you have called mold inspection in Panama City Beach or were just looking around the house and stumbled upon some mold, you need to act fast.

Mold is an organism that likes to spread fast and get into places where you can’t find it. Consider yourself lucky that you were at least able to find the mold before it was too late. Not reacting to mold and getting it dealt with can lead to a wide array of both health and property issues that you will regret in the future.

As we hope to show you, properly reacting to mold to make sure it is no longer a problem requires you to act fast and intentionally.

How to Properly React to Mold

Find the Mold

For many homes, there could already be mold there without you even knowing about it. What makes mold so annoying to deal with is that you often don’t know it is there unless you stumble across it or notice another issue that could have caused it to show up. Your first priority in all cases should be to find the mold and where it is hiding.

Mold in many cases can be found on walls or near water as those areas are the most likely to support a mold-friendly environment. Mold can be found in small and localized patches as well as in larger areas where mold can be very easy to spot. It never hurts to inspect around your house every now and then to make sure no mold has built up since you last looked around.

Try to Find What Caused The Mold

Once you have found the mold and figured out how much space it has taken up, you need to figure out what caused it. The reason many people have mold to begin with is because they never called a flood damage repair team after water leaked or flooded throughout their house. When you don’t take steps to clean up water in your home, mold has a free chance to grow as it pleases.

Finding the cause of the mold often comes down to a case by base process. For example, finding mold in a dark area near some piping in your home likely means a pipe has burst or is leaking and allowed water to grow mold. If your home recently flooded or experienced damage from a disaster with water. That would explain mold forming in areas that are not really near any major water sources.

Check Other Common Mold Hiding Places

Once you have found your mold and detected what caused it to grow, your search is not yet complete. Put yourselves into the shoes of a water damage restoration team and think where else you should look to find mold. Many people who have mold in one area of the home are also likely to find it living in other spaces too.

It is always a good idea to make sure what caused mold to form in one area of your home did not also cause it to form in common mold growth spaces. Look in those dark and damp spaces around the home to really think where mold could be potentially growing. Even if you don’t find any mold growing, you will have an idea of where to look next time to prevent it from growing in the first place.

Call the Professionals

Many people’s first instinct when they see mold is to go and grab some soap and sponges to get rid of the problem. While we love to see this enthusiasm and effort from homeowners, it is always best to leave the work to mold removal in Gulf Breeze specialists.

The professionals have both the experience and equipment that are essential to making sure every last inch of mold is taken care of. Whether the mold came from flooding or a simple leaky pipe, these teams have you covered.

Prevent Future Mold Issues

Last bust not least, you want to deal with mold by preparing to deal with it in the future. What makes mold so annoying is that it finds its way to annoy homeowners very unexpectedly. Whether you forgot to mop up water or never realized a pipe was leaking, mold finds many ways to sneak up on you.

Once you have had the professionals help with mold remediation once, you will have an idea of what future mold removal will look like. This is why having a trusted team of restoration specialists always pays off. Not only will mold restoration teams help get rid of the problem, but they will give advice as to how you can prevent it from happening again int eh future.

Key Takeaways

Despite being seemingly harmless, mold can ruin your home and your health easier than you think. because of just how obnoxious it can be to have in the home, prioritizing it’s removal and prevention needs to be a top priority. We hope we were able to give you an idea of how to hunt down and get rid of any mold hiding in your home.

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