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Fire and Smoke Restoration Company

Fire & Smoke Damage Cleanup

Having to deal with a fire damage loss can be a very traumatic experience for any property owner, no matter the size of the fire. Many problems can come up once the fire has been extinguished. The flames of a fire will utterly destroy the surface of your property and your personal belongings, costing thousands of dollars in damages. They will also cause massive damage to the structure of your property, which is a very serious issue. Structural damage poses serious risks to those who live or work within the building, making it feel unsafe and unstable to be in. Another problem that comes with smoke is soot. Not only is it unsightly but it leaves behind a gross, oily residue on everything it comes into contact with.

After dealing with all the trauma of experiencing the fire, you need a reliable fire and smoke restoration company who will clean up the mess, as well as be sensitive and compassionate to what you and your family are going through. MasterPro’s fire and smoke restoration technicians are available 24/7, day or night to cleanup and restore your home or business, as well as working directly with your insurance company. Our fire and smoke restoration services are extensive and we have all of the training, equipment, and certifications needed a complete and thorough job – the first time!

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Comprehensive Smoke & Fire Damage Restoration Florida Relies On

The cleanup and restoration after a fire damage loss is rather extensive. This is due to the way that smoke and its residues behave. Smoke moves upward during a fire, so even though the fire may have been contained to just the first floor, the smoke will have floated up and affect the upper level of your property.

Our trained and certified fire damage technicians know the behaviors of fire and smoke, which enables us to effectively deal with the damage from smoke, soot, and other fire by-products. We start our fire damage process by assessing and investigating what kind(s) of smoke there were – this helps us choose which cleaning method we will effectively employ. Next will will cleanup and remove soot and eliminate any smoke odor from the property. We will also detect and neutralize any other toxic chemicals or noxious gases that may still be around. We will make sure to clean everything inside the property: furniture, books, electronics, carpets, curtains, documents, artwork and more. We will thoroughly remove any smoke odor and any other evidence that it has been damaged by a fire.

It’s important to know that not everything can be saved after a fire. Items should be replaced if they can’t be cost effectively or efficiently restored. You can trust in our years of cleaning up and restoring properties affected by fire to help you make those decisions. If anyone can help reduce the need for throwing items away, it’s us.

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