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Sep 16

The Danger of Water After Disaster

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The Hidden Dangers of Water After a Disaster in the Santa Rosa Beach and Pensacola Area

Water can be one of the best things on a hot summer day and is refreshing after an intense workout. When water starts to become your worst nightmare is when it finds its way into your home when you don’t want it to be. Whether you are dealing with a burst pipe or flood damage repair, making sure you understand the issues water can bring will make you more eager to call for help.

To understand why you need to be aware of the dangers water possesses in your home, we want to give you some examples of the dangers water can bring to your home after a disaster. Water can become a serious issue if let sit for too long, so taking action and calling a water damage restoration right when the problem starts can prevent all the headaches these issues bring.

Why Water Can Be So Damaging

Water is a strange substance as in many ways it is essential for life and in others it can ruin our lives. Water has the ability to keep us hydrated and refreshed when we need it and can generate mold and damage within our homes when we neglect to recognize its presence. Water damage does not come from initial issues, but water that is not taken care of early on and has the time to spread and sit.

As we will see with some examples, water can become a serious threat in your home for what it can create. While all these issues are serious and can happen to anyone, you can prevent these issues if you take the right steps and ensure they never have the chance to happen.

Some Dangers Water Brings After Disaster Are:


Likely one of the most common and talked about water-related issues, mold is something that we often associate with stale food and run-down homes. Mold can be a serious issue if not addressed quickly as it can spread rapidly and cause a wide array of health and breathing issues if you don’t get it taken care of.

Many mold remediation in Santa Rosa Beach specialists find mold as a result of water not being taken care of after an accident. Mold is formed from the bacteria and fungus that can be found in dirty water when it has time to sit and not get treated. Mold releases small spores into the air that can cause substantial breathing problems for those with lung issues and will cause you pain if you allow it to spread throughout the house. Thankfully, getting water damage restoration services early on can prevent mold from ever forming.


When you are dealing with issues like flood water getting into your home after a storm, you need to be worried about much more than just the water you see on the floor. What makes flood water so dangerous is that it likely contains a wide array of bacteria that can be harmful to your health if you allow it to form in the standing water created after a flood.

One of the first things water damage restoration in Miramar Beach companies do when cleaning up after floods is to make sure they get rid of all standing water. Standing water is so dangerous because the bacteria that can live and grow in it are very dangerous for humans. Bacteria like Salmonella and E. Coli love to live in standing water and can grow in standing water relatively easily. Considering how dangerous these bacteria can be for humans, you want to get rid of that weather immediately.

Structural Issues

Many people think of fire and smoke when considering structural damage in the home, but water can be just as dangerous. Water that sits in your walls and between floorboards can pose a serious threat as it gets into small places where you don’t even notice it.

Water has the ability to ruin your walls by causing mold and ruining the wallpaper where it is sitting. In more extreme situations, the water can cause the wood in your home to swell up. This is bad when it causes your floor to swell and is catastrophic when it damages structural units in your home that could need replacing.


In a similar sense to bacteria, parasites are another issue you need to be aware of when dirty water enters into your home. Whether it is from dirty flood water or from a sewage leak in your home, this water is a breeding ground for dangerous parasites like Giardia and Entamoeba.

These parasites thrive and multiply in standing water that is dirty or contaminated within the home. Areas where water is hiding and can’t be seen are where these parasites are often found and requires deep cleaning to get rid of them.


Most people hate mosquitoes in the summer, but you’ll hate them even more when they find a new home in your house. Insects like mosquitoes love standing water as it is where they lay their eggs and live. These bugs carry serious diseases like malaria, West Nile, and many other ugly viruses.

Water damage that is not taken care of can also invite furry critters like mice and rats into your house as they can live off the standing water left behind. Unless you want to deal with water and pest damage, get your water taken care of immediately.

Preventing These Issues With Damage Restoration

If these water issues sound like your worst nightmare, fear not. The reason these issues occur is because homeowners neglect to make sure they get restoration services immediately after experiencing water damage. When you get a restoration team out to clean up water before it has the chance to spread, these issues should not arise.

Water is something that does not become seriously dangerous unless it is let sit and new bacteria and issues have the time to grow. Preventing all the issues we looked at today can be done with a phone call when you first notice water in your home.

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