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What Is Biohazard Cleaning?

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At MasterPro, one of our specialties is biohazard cleaning – and that service, while incredibly important at the right times, is not always clear to customers who haven’t encountered the term before. Biohazard cleanup means taking the proper precautions while cleaning human or animal remains and related materials that could pose a danger to the people around them. Let’s take a deeper dive into what exactly this means, and why you need a professional service to take care of it.

What is Classified as a Biohazard?

A biohazard refers to biological matter that can pose a threat to health, cause problems with the environment, or create other kinds of risks. It is biological material that needs to be removed before it can cause trouble.

To start, materials like blood, bodily fluid, tissue, and waste can cause immediate damage to their surroundings via stains. But when left alone, the process of decay (which starts immediately) also leads to the growth of bacteria, and potentially the spread of pathogens, toxins, and viruses.

In medical facilities where such biohazards are common, there are strict guidelines for dealing with various kinds of materials depending on their origin. But what happens when a biohazard occurs out in the world due to a death or accident? That’s where specialized cleaning services come in.

What is Biohazard Cleaning?

These are cleaning services designed to meet the safety requirements involved in cleaning up biohazard materials. They include all necessary protective equipment for the cleaner, the right disinfecting procedures to remove any pathogen or toxin threats, and cleaning measures designed to return the area to working order, or at least remove all materials that are beyond restoration.

What Types of Biohazards Need Professional Cleanup?

While specific situations can vary, there are several common (and often tragic) instances where biohazard cleaning may be necessary.

Hoarding Clean Up: Some hoarding situations may require biohazard services while restoring a home. This is particularly common if the hoarding involved pets, for example, which can create biohazards of their own that quickly add up in a serious hoarding situation.

Crime Scene Cleanup: If you’re wondering who cleans up crime scenes, it’s professional cleaners like MasterPro that are typically contracted by the owners of the property where the crime took place. Once the crime has been documented and evidence collected, cleaning crews are called in. This pertains to most crimes involving death or serious bodily injury.

Vehicle Accidents: It may be unpleasant, but many vehicle accidents also require trauma scene cleanup during the aftermath following an injury or death. These services include properly cleaning and sanitizing vehicles, wreckage, and roads as needed.

Industrial Accidents: Industrial accidents can involve blood, the loss of limbs, and much more – it’s not “business as usual” after such an incident. The location is shut down while equipment and all related materials are thoroughly cleaned according to safety requirements.

House Cleaning Services After Death: A decomposing body can cause a variety of biohazards and must be dealt with properly. Suicide cleanup services, hospice cleanup, and similar services can help take care of the details – while making room for the grieving as necessary. Master Pro also provides deodorization services to help make areas livable after the cleaning has been completed.

Chemical Spills: Chemical spills also count as biohazards and must be handled with care during cleanup. This includes situations like fire extinguisher residue, which – depending on the type used – can be toxic to the environment and must be dealt with properly.

Why Do Professionals Need to Handle Biohazard Cleanup?

First, because we have the important tools necessary for the job, including the PPE (personal protective equipment) specifically designed to deal with biohazard risks. Otherwise, those dealing with biohazards even from recent events can become seriously ill or create contamination problems.

Professionals are also experienced in making the right judgment calls about what materials need to be completely removed and safely disposed of, and what can be cleaned and restored. For serious incidents, not everything will be salvageable, and it’s important to have someone on hand to make those calls while removing the biohazard.

Additionally, biohazard cleanup projects are often associated with trauma, emergency care, grieving, insurance calls, and many other things those involved are busy working through. It’s common that there’s simply no time to clean or think about cleaning: Calling in the experts allows those involved to focus on other important matters while we can handle the details of cleaning up.

Finally, services like MasterPro can also offer restoration and deodorization services after cleanup that only professionals can provide.

Where Can I Find Fast Biohazard Cleaning Services Near Me?

Contact us, MasterPro Restoration, to arrange biohazard cleanup whenever it is needed. From estate cleaning after a death to trauma cleanup after an accident, we can handle your biohazard cleaning needs. Our services are available 24/7, so don’t hesitate to give us a call or send a message.